New Location


Everything is up and running at my new location, now entitled Annals of Geography 2.0. Please follow the link to update your bookmarks, favorites, reader, or whatever, to continue seeing new content.

Announcing Site Changes!


Updated Sunday, 6.21

If my marathon post below didn't scare you away, I want to announce some changes I was planning for this blog in the future. I was talking to friends from graduate school at Indiana University, and they have an interest in blogging as well. Rather than have three or four geography related blogs that we all link to, we think it would be cool to just all contribute to this blog.

So, you'll see probably more content in the near future, and you'll see that it's posted by more than just my name. Since the URL for this blog is my name only, I thought it would be less despotic to change the URL to something else.

The new URL will be
It will still be called Geography 2.0. So if you read this blog often, go ahead and update your bookmarks and all that.

I'll continue to post new content in both places for a little while, but eventually I'll phase out this blog and post entirely at the combined one.

I think the change will increase the diversity (and possibility the quality, depending on what you think of me) of the blog and give a more holistic picture of geography. We'll probably have that up and running in the coming week. Stay tuned!